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An Introduction


The Natchitoches Parish Police Jury is composed of eleven members, each elected to represent both city and rural districts. As both a legislative and administrative body, the Police Jury is responsible for providing services which affect the well-being of all parish citizens.

The Jury operates under the oldest and most prevalent system of parish government in Louisiana, which originated back in the early 1800s when the parish governments were first organized by the territorial legislature. Although the system has undergone a series of evolutions during the first half of the 19th Century, it has remained much the same ever since.

Beyond its legislative and administrative functions, the Police Jury provides four major direct services for parish residents through its departments of Highway/Road Maintenance, Solid Waste Collection and Disposal, Community Services and Parish Planning. In addition, the Police Jury assists in various ways with a number of indirect services to parish residents. 

Currently the parish budget includes 22 different funds and the Police Jury does all the accounting, posting and check issuance for these funds.


While the Natchitoches Parish Police Jury is the principal parish governing authority, it is only one part of parish government. Many parish services are provided through independently elected officials, including the Tax Assessor, Clerk of Court, District Attorney and the Sheriff. The Police Jury maintains an excellent working relationship with these elected officials in order to provide an effective and efficient local government.

In addition, the Jury often performs a coordinating role between the various bodies. For example, when the District Attorney, Sheriff and/or the general public require improvements in criminal justice services and/or jail construction, it is the Police Jury's responsibility to place the necessary tax propositions on a ballot to allow citizens to have their voice heard through their votes.

Through the following information, we hope to clarify the functions provided directly by the Natchitoches Parish Police Jury, and those less direct, but vital services coordinated through a growing cooperative network within the parish.


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