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Rural Fire Protection Districts

In 1980, the Police Jury began its role in the creation and enhancement of Fire Protection Districts throughout the parish. Like many of the other parish groups and services, the jury is responsible for 1) appointing members to a Board of Commissioners in each district, and 2) assisting in the call of a millage tax election for a district when necessary

Beyond that, each board is responsible for managing their own district, including recruiting, training and equipping volunteer firemen. The wise expenditures of funds, combined with the extreme dedication of the local volunteers, has allowed many districts to achieve a lower fire insurance rating, which has already translated into significant insurance premium savings for parish citizens. The placement of 25 "dry hydrants," in the parish made possible by a grant, will result in even better ratings for some of the districts.

The Natchitoches Parish Police Jury was recognized in 1990 by the National Association of Counties for its exemplary work with Rural Fire Protection.

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